The Reason for Sorrow

By Pashupatinath

(Drawing by Kathe Kollwitz 1900)

There is only one reason for your sorrow
My loved ones
You desire impossible things
Nobody told you it is impossible
The hope that dies in your heart
Turns into massive sorrow
Trust yourself
If it were possible
You would have made it happen
For reasons you don't yet understand
It was not possible
You did not lose it
You never had it
It was yours in the moment
You thought time would make an exception
Because your love for it was beautiful
Time has it's own beauty
But you see it as ugly
The world includes you
But is isn't just you
All things are born
Grow old
And die
All things are gained
Grow on you
And are lost
To move from loss to loss
Without any loss
Of enthusiasm
Is the mark of an adult
Why cry like a child
Whose candy was snatched?
You are born my loved ones
You are growing up
Next is death
The ultimate loss
Or is it?
Be curious
Be watchful
You were put here with senses
To sense
Sense my loved ones
Sense and sense
It will make sense
How can you live in a world
That makes no sense?

A mother lost her child
And she went to Buddha 
Do something spiritual man
Give me back my child

Sure thing mother
I need a special ingredient
For this miracle

Anything anything anything
I will move heaven and earth
And lay it at your feet
Blessed Buddha
Get me a tumbler of milk
From a household that has not known death
I will use that sweet ambrosia
To revive your beloved child

Off went the mother
Knocking on door after door
Asking if anyone had died in the household 
Door after door after door
Father, grandmother, sibling, child, spouse
Death had knocked on their doors
Before the distraught mother

She was defeated
She was exhausted
The sun had set
And in the darkness
Buddha sat with the dead child on his lap

I was defeated
She admitted
And the truth of defeat
Took away her struggle
She lay on the floor
Hoping she could cry
But the liquid would not come
Instead she smiled
Teach me she smiled

You have learned
Said he

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