HR for Every One

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Hundreds Of employees? Thousands of Human Resource management tasks?

One of the major problems today, that most of the companies face.

So the simple solution, Let’s automate.

But when it comes to HRM (Human Resource Management), techniques and procedures in HRM are mostly specific to a certain company. So that makes creating an automated solution is extremely hard. Not only that since HRM deals with humans it is really questionable whether an autonomous application can understand the nature of the humans and control them in the working environment.

Considering the worldwide HRM applications, OrangeHRM provides very sound solutions for most of the major problems in HR. By automating most of the processes, OrangeHRM solution acts the “faithful assistance role” in the HR divisions of the significantly giant companies all around the globe including NASA and red-hat.

Most important thing is it is an Open source web based application. (An enterprise version is also available.) OrangeHRMlive allows us to get the handful experience in the modern HRM. It contains all most all the necessary features to manage any organization from single owner small scale companies to giant multinational corporations.

Another critical point in HRM is the confidentiality. The information must be highly protected in “Need to know” basis. As a software solution in HRM industry throughout the 12 years of its history OrangeHRM has been able to protect the confidentiality of the client information with a great reputation. And most importantly the software solution updates with current changes in the world as well as it is now empowered with JS technologies.

So there is a high possibility that OrangeHRM will be the digital footprint in HR Management in near future.