Milestones, not Timelines

I don't care about my last flurry of saves too much. There are so many tools which save every single “CMD + S” as a revision - which is usually pretty meaningless. Do we really need a snapshot of every single pixel nudge? Seems like a lot of noise to me.

I care about design milestones.

I'm convinced that a great tool for designers is one that allows a designer to sign off on increments. It should also make delivering assets to engineers really very easy.

I recently moved Elepath's design library to github. It's not the most ideal, but it works better than everything else (for us at least). Just like any engineering project, every time I hit a significant mark, I'll commit it. When I'm ready to deliver to the engineering lads, I just push everything. They then know that whatever is in the repository is the latest, signed off version — not some floating version amongst a clusterfuck of 100 revisions.

In creating this 'commit', specific notes can be made to designers & engineers, rather than making them rely on a visual diff — which carries lots of useless information. I don't need a timeline, it’s just a nice to have feature.

I’d love a robust tool built around milestones.