Presidents Sneak Away for Valentine’s Day Dinner

Trump smiling at Putin while eating dinner at Restaurant Mario in Moscow.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Given the recent resignation of Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor, you would think that President Trump would be doing his best to distance himself from all possibility of a Russian connection, which he has referred to on Twitter as “non-sense”. Sadly though, that is not the case.

Pasquinade Press reporters spotted President Trump having a late-night rendezvous with Russian President Vladimir Putin Tuesday night, sitting in the corner of one of Moscow’s most exclusive and expensive restaurants, Mario.

A proven venue for billionaires, you can usually observe the latest Ferrari models guarded by a Special Police Force in the parking lot. Featuring an impressive, elegant interior, Restaurant Mario has been a long-term shelter for the high society, rich and famous. It is considered a “native” place for Russia’s powerful oligarchs and politicians.

Restaurant Mario — Moscow

It is unclear when exactly President Trump found the time to sneak away from his duties as Commander-in-Chief, especially considering the more than 9 hour flight-time from Washington D.C. to Moscow, but our reporters indicate that the two Presidents were spotted just before 10 p.m. Moscow time and stayed for nearly an hour, laughing constantly while sitting in very close proximity to one another. Upon leaving the restaurant, the pair ducked into a dark sedan; with Putin behind the wheel and President Trump in the passenger seat.

When Pasquinade Press reporters approached the vehicle shouting questions of “Mr. President, are you two seeing each other?” and “Mr. President, are you having an affair?”, President Trump simply rolled down the window and gave the camera a big thumbs up.

Trump gives a smirk and a thumbs up. Who’s that guy in the back seat though?

As the pair sped off into the night, our reporters were left wondering what exactly the rest of the evening held for these two powerful, elderly men.