Verge Escapement

I decided to start building this gadget by researching on google different images of the verge escapement. I further on concluded that I was going to attempt to build this ‘time watcher’ only by using elements that were reusable.

I started by connecting two straws to each other with tape to create a stable pole and then built another to be the other axis.

I then scotch taped half of two popsicle sticks to be the ‘levers’.

I then considered making a crown out of cardboard but would not equilibrate on my base and on the straws.

I further tried using a piece of wire connecting to it small piece of wire to be as ‘blocks’. It still did not manage to stabilize.

I realized that the ancient philosophers and scientists did not have the easiest job. Accuracy is very hardly achieved.

If I had to go and do it again, I would not make the mistake to use as a ‘base’ something as unstable as straws.