Passbolt is located in Luxembourg, at the heart of Europe, where data privacy matters and is protected by the law.

Recently, we were awarded the official “Made in Luxembourg” label, by the Luxembourg chamber of Commerce, which identifies products and services that are manufactured in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

“Made in Luxembourg” official logo

Why is Passbolt based in Luxembourg?

Located at the center of Europe

A cybersecurity hub

Part I — Security Whitepaper Audit

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Fig. when you import 600 passwords in passbolt and that you forget to turn off individual email notifications

The short explanation, as per the official FAQ, is that passbolt requires an extension to ensure the integrity of the cryptographic code, but also to enable functionalities on other websites such as the “password auto-fill”. Not convinced?

Fig. the glory days when every shareware would install a useless toolbar (source)

Starting with v2.13, Passbolt Pro Edition and Cloud now includes support for nested folders, to organize passwords and manage access rights in a simple yet flexible fashion.

Sneak peak of the “Folders” feature:

Design Discussions

What problem does it solve?

How are tags different than categories?

Passbolt needs your effort at work, at home, in your community.

Spread the word

Sharing a password with a group of users has been the most requested feature for quite some time. Guess what, the wait is over!

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

A few weeks ago, we asked for your opinion concerning the design of the groups feature. Thirty seven of you answered to our survey and provided valuable inputs. Here is the summary.

Survey results

Overall how satisfied are you with the groups feature design proposal?

Should we call this feature “groups” or “teams”?


we are the people behind passbolt, the open source password manager for teams

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