Android’s multidex slows down app startup
Michael Ma

Hey, Dear mmadev. Thank you for your great working on Multidex. I still have s ome questions. We know, multidex slows down app startup is because the dexopt processes cost much time. So the ordinary way to work around it is to reduce the size of the main dex and load the left dexes asynchronously. But I don’t see anything about lazy load in your passage. So the only one thing you do is that moving some classes which are necessary during the startup from dex2 to dex1. The MultiDex.install is still called in attachBaseContext in UI Thread.

So I can’t find the reason why the app starts up more quickly than default multidex processes. Just because we moved some classes from dex2 to dex1 without any asynchronous load techniques?

Thanks again~

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