When Somebody Steals Your Medium Post
Kamil Stanuch

“Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet” — Abraham Lincoln

I noticed. And thanks for calling it out. I disagree with this “everything has been said before” sentiment, as if it’s OK to plagiarize or recycle and stick your name on other people’s ideas because it’s all the same kind of stuff.

In the age of SEO and content marketing, there is so much use of the same words, phrases, and keywords. But Medium was supposed to be different. Better. There is also this notion that the fastest way to innovate is to recombine existing ideas. Genius Steals, to paraphrase Faris Yakob paraphrasing Steve Jobs paraphrasing Picasso paraphrasing…

But there is no recombination of ideas here. It’s an unoriginal hack and deserves to be called out. So thanks again for respecting the integrity of the community. Keep the plagiarized recycling on Facebook or Reddit.

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