People’s Research Center of XXI century

We have done a great job in order to understand how the modern reality is changing and in what direction the global civilization is moving. This work is expressed in our “Source Code” which, in fact, is an expression of the Open Source Worldview, after mastering it, a person has the opportunity to control the flow of information of the environment in which he is immersed by the interfaces of his own psyche for gaining independence and freedom in goal setting.

Based on the work done, we are taking steps to contribute to the transition of the global civilization to a new quality. To do this, we model a set of workable methods that will allow this process to be accelerated and brought to a qualitatively new level.

Why our Research Center of the XXI century?

Because we are not burdened with bureaucratic hassles of any kind of state and do not expect funding from such bureaucratic formations. Moreover, in our research activities we try in every possible way to identify the most effective methods for optimizing the bureaucracy, to make it clear that one of the fundamental problems of the present civilization is a global bureaucratic machine, grinding human energy into the materialized objects of its own comfort. This is only one of the parties explaining the answer to the question posed.

From the previous point, it also follows that any control over research activity, in the old logic, was carried out at the expense of the mechanism of the state bureaucracy, or those transnational corporations that were interested in building up their own capacity in the field of monitoring human resources.

We do not follow this logic and do not try to gain a foothold in society, as a subjective hierarchical structure whose purpose is to distort worldview issues and perceptions about the World. We are the People’s Research Center, which is built around the principles of the network structure and we are trying to provide methods so that every free researcher who is sick with this or that question could, by applying our methods in practice, create a product of intellectual creativity, leading civilization to a new stage of evolution.

Which exactly methods do we represent?

We are not limited by the barriers of the current education system and, as they develop, are able to generate methods on their own based on the methodology we have adopted. At the moment we have a number of ready-made ideas, as well as ideas on a number of methods that are at the stage of development and preparation for universal application. The first category of methods is the raising of a number of fundamental questions:

  • An attempt has been made to provide a glimpse of the fact that a person’s worldview is of two types: an worldview with open codes and a worldview with closed codes. This approach is aimed at enabling a person to understand that he, as a unit, can be controlled from the outside because he does not fully control the interfaces of his own psyche, and control is exercised by external structures that generate unstructured management.
  • A fundamental view on the functioning of the human psyche and the algorithm of transition to conscious activity is given.
  • The moments are described, thanks to which it is possible to trace the tendencies in the development of the present civilization and start building up predictive activities by promoting the knowledge and skills that will be useful in the coming epoch.

These three points are fully described in our “Source Code”. The second category of ideas at the development stage will provide practical lessons that will facilitate the self-organization of participants in the research process. This is in particular:

  • Generation of financial instruments based on Ethereum Blockhain. It will be some form of ICO, only a more socially significant character. We, as the registering unit of it, will not own the entire volume of the funds invested by you. We will assign only a small percentage, to be able to survive for a while. All the broadcasts will be owned by researchers who will take the initiative in popularizing their own research activities. Based on these initiatives, the processes of giving votes for one or another project idea will be formed by the means of “Smart Contracts” Ethereum. This will be the “Investments Cashbox” implemented on the basis of “Smart Contracts” Blockhain Ethereum, which is aimed at self-organization of participants. The White Paper on this decision we plan to release in December 2017, and the launch of pre-sales in mid-2018.
  • On our own, we will be engaged in research in the field of automating the economy, describing the interbranch balance of the product exchange system by “Smart Contracts” of Ethereum, to which anyone can connect. It will be a pilot project that aims to bring to the public eye the moment that the whole of the current global banking system is a relic of the past, and more efficient methods are emerging. We have written about the principles of the new approach in describing the interbranch balance in the “Source Code”, and we plan to release the White Paper with a more detailed description in May 2018.

We believe that even these methods, at the initial stage, are sufficient to bring social processes to a higher level of interaction, without involving bony structures of a bureaucratic nature. Nevertheless, we do not exclude elements of interaction with some form of bureaucracy and we also do not plan to stop there. As the ideas are being realized, we plan to expand our field of activity and look forward to your general support.

More details about our road map you can find on our website.

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