How To Sell Your Online Course Using Woocommerce + Memberium + Lifter LMS

Abdul Rehman
Nov 19, 2016 · 6 min read

Before i start this post, This tutorial is just for Active Campaign and memberium users.If you don’t use these tools, stop reading.

I do want to note that this is not a post about how to create and sell an online course and make millions.This is a simple step by step tutorial on how to sell your course using Woocommerce + Memberium for Active Campaign membership plugin and optionally lifter LMS plugin.

The Prerequisites

It goes without saying but i will say it anyway.You need a WordPress website (Duh).A self hosted one.You need to have the following plugins installed.

  • Woocommerce (Free)
  • Memberium for AC
  • Lifter LMS
  • Wc-ac Hook
  • A payment plugin of your choice to use with woocommerce.Its optional as Woocommerce comes with paypal option built in but if you want to use another option as well like stripe then you will need that woocommerce stripe extension too.
  • And finally you need an active campaign account.(just for this tutorial)

Here is the step by step process:

  • Plan your tag or tags
  • Create a virtual product in woocommerce
  • Setup your payment,cart and checkout settings
  • Setup wc-ac hook plugin so that you can send customer data(name, email and tags) to Active Campaign.
  • Create your Login automation in AC
  • Setup Memberium membership Level or levels
  • Setup your Lifter LMS course and assign it to membership level
  • Putting it all together

This is a very simple step.You need to plan your tags.

If you want to keep things simple and only offer one membership level and one course then only one tag is sufficient enough.

For example, If i have a product ABC then here’s my Tag will be.

“purchased_ABC”.This tag will give access to membership Level and the course.Read on to find out.

Pretty simple stuff.

I am not going into woocommerce details here as this tutorial is not about that.However there is one thing you need to pay attention.This option will appear when you have wc ac hook plugin installed.

Enter the tag you want to add to customer who buys this product.

When creating your product, go to advanced tab and insert the Tag you want to add to the customers.

This is a test product i created for this example.It’s called atc and the tag i will give to customers is “purchased_atc”.That’s all for product setup here.Also make sure that you check the virtual checkmark to make this product virtual as you see in the screenshot above.Publish the product.And on to next step.

I will make it very short here.Install the woocommerce stripe extension.Just search Woocommerce stripe in Add Plugins and it will be the first one made by automatic inc.(if you want to use stripe, if not then setup paypal or setup both).

Go to woocommerce settings>checkout tab to setup paypal/stripe.

Setup paypal and stripe here

One more important thing here to note.By default Woocommerce shows password field on checkout page and it is a required field.You don’t want this because AC will auto generate the password and that password will be required for your students to login.You don’t want them to create a password and then telling them this….

“Ok well, the password you created is trashed and here’s your new one”

Make sure you don’t do that.Go to Woocommerce settings>Accounts tab and turn off registration option to disable the Woocommerce password field.

Then Go to woocommerce settings>integrations tab and connect Active Campaign to Woocommerce.

Connect Active Campaign to woocommerce

Insert the API URL and API key as well as other fields.You can set the default tag(s).The difference between this setting and the one in the product editor screen is that here you can set the sitewide tag(s) so that every customer on your site will have this tag.but you can also set tag on a product basis on product creation settings.

In this part you will Learn how to fire the new user/member automation in Active Campaign and Memberium which sends the login information to your new member.

There are only 2 steps to go through:

  1. Go to memberium settings>webhooks and copy the password generator webhook URL.
  2. Login to Active Campaign.Go to automations tab and create a new automation.Name it Login automation or whatever you want.

Let’s go through these steps.

As i said before, go to memberium settings and then go to webhooks tab.Look at the screenshot below.

Copy this password generator URL

Copy this URL and on to Active Campaign.

Login in to AC and go to Forms tab.Click on manage fields>new custom field and create a new text field called password.

Now go to automations Tab.Create a new automation and name it as your membership Login automation.Look at the screenshot below

setup your automation

Start this automation with a tag.This will be the same tag that your cart software sends to AC and which gives access to your membership Level.In my case it will be “purchased_atc”.(Ignore the tag in the screenshot.Its just an example).

Next Step: insert a webhook in the automation as you see in the screenshot above.Click on it, a popup will appear with a URL field.Now paste that URL you copied earlier in the memberium settings.

Now insert a wait for 5 minutes condition.(Its important)

After 5 minutes send the welcome email which will contain the Login info of your customer.Look at the screenshot

Example login info email

One last thing to do (I promise).Go to memberium settings again and change 2 important settings.

set these settings

That’s it for the Login automation part.On to next step…

Go to memberium > memberships and create a membership level.Here is the screenshot.

create your membership level

In this case, i named the membership level exactly as the tag i added to woocommerce so when they get that tag, they get access to membership.You don’t have to do that.You can name whatever you want.

Let’s say i want to name it as “Automations That Convert”.I will create an automation in AC which will add “Automation that convert” tag to everyone who has the purchased atc tag already.It’s the same thing but you can have more freedom with access levels & tags.

Now create the course and setup the auto enrollment.Go to Lifter LMS courses and create a new course or edit an existing course.On the editor screen, on the right sidebar there is an option that says “Lifter memberium integration”

Lifter memberium integration

Enter the auto enroll tag.It will be the same tag that gives access to membership.In my case it will be “purchased_atc”.You also have the option to run an automation based on course completion and Lesson completion.Also apply a tag when the course/Lesson is mark completed.super awesome stuff.

Now create your course as you would and sit back.Now you are ready to welcome your new students in your course.Congrats

That’s it, you are done.If you have any questions.You can post it on Memberium FB group.Thanks

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