Green Crack Review

This is a series built to better-inform our patients of our products through step-by-step reviews.

First Impression: The first thing to notice about this magnificent strain is the incredibly bright green color. Not only is this Green Crack extremely light green, but it’s littered with bright orange hairs, crystals, and has a very unique smell. The nose on this Green Crack has a smell of candy, citrus, with slight notes of earthiness. The buds themselves are dense, yet light. This Green Crack is dense, yet airy — I think this is going to burn very nicely.

Live Use Impression: Given the sativa nature of this Green Crack, I’ll be testing this out in the A.M. I like to start my smoking for the day with one bong rip of sativa flower — so I’ll be using my favorite water-pipe to try this flower.

The bud breaks down very nicely. The unique candy-like smell is permeating even louder as I split the bud apart to pack the bowl. It’s very sticky, yet nicely dried as ready for consumption. I can see crystals and resin stuck to my fingers from handling the Green Crack and I’ve barely touched it.

Lighting it up, it’s burning very nicely providing a thick smoke. A very smooth hitting thick smoke with that classic candy-like scent I was able to pick up on the nose. The smoke itself was pleasant, and definitely top-notch, but what I found remarkable about this Green Crack was the high.

Post Use Impression: Within minutes of my bong rip, I felt amazing! Not only did my morning grogginess subside, but it was replaced with a sharp, focused, and productive energy. One bong rip of the Green Crack, and I felt ready to crush the day ahead of me. Not only did the Green Crack provide an amazingly “up-tidy” focused, energetic high, but the duration of the high was truly astounding as well. From only one bong rip, I felt medicated for over two hours.

Overall: The Green Crack was an awesome smoking experience. As soon as I saw how bright green the buds themselves were, I knew it would have me charged up and ready to go, but I was blown away by this experience. I highly recommend Green Crack for anyone looking for a top-shelf sativa experience. Green Crack would be great medication option for any patients looking to medicate in the day, or are looking to alleviate stress, depression, ADHD, nausea, or fatigue. Check out Green Crack and the rest of our menu items HERE!

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Check out Green Crack and the rest of our menu here!