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As a white, gay man who supports the BLM movement, I’ve thought a lot about the silence. The fear of saying something. That this isn’t our space or place.

I’ve spoken to some of the people quite active in BLM up here. And they understood my fear, but they all felt that being silent was not helpful. And they wanted more voices in the movement. Even white voices. Not to the exclusion of black voices, of course.

I didn’t ask about Asian voices but I expect the answer is the same.

What they don’t want is people that won’t educate themselves.

And I didn’t ask, but I expect they don’t want people to appropriate their voice.

So when Kaden accused you of pretending to be a black person, that old fear kicked in.

But then I realized Kaden was playing a dangerous game. She was using shame to silence a voice of support to the movement. And now it appears to have been done for personal reasons. And I wish I had spoken up sooner.

We’ve all done it, Kaden. So I can understand it. But I can’t support it.

Further. This movement needs more support, not less.

A man on the ground waving his arms high in the air is still shot. A family man’s car broke down just fucking yesterday and instead of helping him, they tazered, shot and killed his ass!

In all this, we still see those who are shaming whites (and Asians) into silence.

Instead, we need to feed the outrage. We must find a way to unite and amplify the voices to say that this must end.

But I’m open to being schooled on this. Even via private message.

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