Daily Contemplations: 010

Sometimes life is a crazy mess. We get hurt. We feel lost. The world is in our face, spittle flying as it screams for us to be responsible. We are distraught but hopeful and take a hesitant step only to be met with more derision and refusal.

It’s crushing.

And yet it’s these very moments that hold the greatest potential — the chance to turn things around, to reframe our sorrow or to start something new.

It’s always been this way.

All the demands and expectations are reflections of the hollow dread we are hiding in our gut. Our deepest fears.

But it’s not fear that lives deep inside of us, but rather a seed. There is always a seed. Something we thought lost or incapable of pursuing. “That ship has sailed.” “If only.” “It’s too late.”

A seed does not know these things. It simply waits to be planted. It yearns to grow.

We are the gardener.

Our attention is the sun. Our tears give moisture and our soul the soil.

For those interested in starting their own photography-based, contemplation practice, with a set of daily prompts, check out Vision 365 by Henry Fernando from Craft & Vision.