Some of Jill Stein’s comments and tweets were reported out of context by the media and she was…

Hi Nathanedennis,

I generally do not respond to people who are less than educated on an issue and also showing a clear indication of no desire to become educated. I’m worried that this could be applicable to this situation, but I’m going to comment back anyway. Let’s put this down to the fact that I am about to head to Rome and so I am in a strange mood.

Here’s a bit of a news break for you. A black man can be racist.

And wait for it. A woman can be misogynistic.

In fact, many women have written in to say that they need to hold themselves accountable in this very regard.

To state “I’ve heard this comment from many prominent women.”

And then to say “I’ve used it myself a few times with complete confidence that it is accurate.”

Is to imply that this statement is not misogynistic because a) you feel it is true and b) you have heard other women say it.

Anyone can be affected by the overtly anti-women discrimination that is RAMPANT in our society. I’d go so far as to argue that everyone who doesn’t stop to reflect on how they have been programmed socially in this regard is likely an offender. Thus, my piece.

You are more than welcome to decide that I am disingenuous based on your reaction to a single piece you have read where I was ranting.

I have a LONG history of activity here on Medium. And it wouldn’t take very long for you to look at a few of my pieces – to explore my writing and my journey through a variety of issues. Or the amount of effort I have put into supporting others on their writing journeys.

To that end, I tried to look at what else you had written and your past works, but you have nothing published here on Medium. You have chosen to primarily just respond to other people’s works. And there have been a few interesting points raised, but in most of the cases, you appear only to attack and try to belittle the other’s work.

Perhaps I am wrong. I expect I will soon see.

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