No, of course. I’m just documenting the highs and lows of my present.
Ezinne Ukoha

I can’t heart this, Ezinne.

I’ve spent my adult life researching, speaking to and reading about people who take the leap and try to attain something outside of what is expected of them or “the norm.”

And I’ve come to believe a few things.

One is that these people are the definition of unique. They are “particularly remarkable, special or unusual”. I would use AND and not OR, but no-one every consults me about creating a dictionary, and with good reason.

Most people will not make the sacrifices needed to attain their dream.

That’s a cold, hard fact.

It is far easier to be comfortable with our unhappiness and to do what society expects. Social pressures are powerful forces and they shape us every day. They require constant vigilance, effort and determination to overcome.

So yes. people fight against temporary setbacks. But what you are doing is more than that.

And that makes you beautiful, unique and worthy of respect. In my eyes, at least.