rather understand and effectively communicate the value of our work to our potential clients.
Thanks for taking the time to go down this road becauseI think it’s one well worth exploring for…
Katz Captures

I’ve given up trying to flip back and forth. Lol.

No disagreement here. This is a must. In any business. Whether you run a hotel, an agency or a salon.

They can seem opposed: undercutting and communicating our value. But they are not.

In fact, new businesses often undercut for a short time because they want to demonstrate their value. Action over words.

In photography, technology is changing so rapidly and that we see the average industry rates dropping. Some fear this is because of the naive student who undervalues themselves. Rather it is demand in play. And changing market conditions.

More people can more easily become photographers and people are spending less money on big stock imagery purchases. Technology is also changing our use of imagery.

The young pro who follows blindly in the path of the old timers may find themselves on the wrong side of the equation. So. Continue to question. But also question why the status quo wants you to avoid undercutting them.

But, as I said in my article, definitely walk away from those who don’t value you and just want to use you. We agree there I believe. But where an opportunity with less budget makes your soul sing, perhaps rate is less of a factor.