Because we all need a little encouragement
Furaha Asani (formerly 'Orisirisi')

I will sit on your street. Not in one of the chairs out in the open, but there, beside the awning, where I can watch everyone go by without being in anyone’s way.

My camera bag will be slumped under the table, haphazard but protectively placed. My jeans will have a few stains and my shirt will be nice but a little worn. The table will be full of gadgets, chargers plugged into phones and laptops as I write.

But on some days I will sit with only my notebook and a coffee. These are the hard days. But also the best days. I’ve cancelled my meetings, lied about some emergency and taken to sitting on a sunny street in the soft rain. Sipping at coffee and watching the people go by.

I hope you can see me.

There are so many lovely places to sit. To listen to the soft murmor of people and a city coming alive. And there are so many of us with you.

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