Light Up Our Nature (day 5 and 6)

I’m sitting in contemplation at a fire tonight. I believe I have the largest candle yet, Tre. ;)

Clearly I’m compensating.

But you know what? This word is in some serious need of compensation.

Someone has to compensate for the hate and ignorance, the brutality and misuse of power, and the desire of so many to not be inconvenienced even as our brothers and sisters are being killed.

And so we light our candles, small and large. We speak that which is not spoken and we stand with those so easily forgotten.

I wonder what I will do to remember and speak up after the seventh candle, but something tells me that things have changed. There is no rug to sweep this under. There is no door to close. The house is burning and there is no where left to hide. I’ve burned it all down.

All my love to those who stand united.

Signing off from somewhere in the wilderness.

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