image source: Lee Haywood

Pray That My Medium Disease Is Not Contagious.

I can not see typos until after I hit Publish.

It doesn’t matter what I do.

I’ve tried everything I can find on the Internet.

I’ve printed my posts, let them sit for hours or days, and I’ve even taken to reading them in reverse paragraph order.

It doesn’t matter.

I am blind to mistakes until I press that evil, green Publish link.

Then I rush to read my piece only to see giant, shifting devils lurking in every paragraph, shining and flashing in their newfound freedom.

I gasp and punch the edit button. My keyboard clattering as I attempt to kill every last one, but not before Medium alerts begin to appear. People are already reading, highlighting and responding.

I have searched for a cure to no avail. It is so humiliating.

But then I did what everyone has learned to do since the invention of the Internet. I did a Google search for my symptoms.

I am hereby self-diagnosing myself with full-blown Typomediainvisibilia. A common affliction, for sure, but my case appears to verge on the extreme.

I share this in case there are others out there also afflicted. But please exercise caution, dear friends, as just reading this article may put you at risk.

*This post was edited to remove typos after publishing