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Sister Jules,

You aren’t alone.

I was a little surprised when I found myself asking the questions. You had gone so far. To the bones.

Was it fair of me to ask for more? I had to ask myself that. I thought about it for a bit.

But I trusted you would know where was right and safe for you to stop.

I did not consider others and how they might react. You are kind and thoughtful to do so.

I guess I asked because I’m afraid to open up this deeply. Not for me. Well, a little for me. But a lot for those who would read and be named – who would recognize their role.

And I am also more and more curious about the other effects of this type of writing. The benefits. The other weights or costs.

And I also trust my inner guides. They urged me to ask. I really don’t know why exactly. But I do know that I will hold a space to honour you and your story.

And now I want to give you the same courtesy. You don’t have to share the response to my questions. Sure, I’m curious, but I put your heart first. Questions are powerful and can also be dangerous.

But if you are worried about me, I hope I have put that to rest.


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