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Thanks, Jules.

It’s interesting to watch how the bits we write go out into the world. Some we dress so carefully, adjusting every piece of clothing until we/they are a fretful mess. Others come to us raw and naked. And we send them out with their overdressed, fussed with brothers and sisters.

It’s so often the ones I send out without much thought, shivering and unprepared, that strike and find their homes.

Isn’t that the way of things, eh?

All my love, Jules.

P.S. I didn’t want to go to bed last night. I saw you had highlighted my story. I actually clapped my hands. I knew a response would likely be coming. But not right away. No. I knew it would be after you had spent some time with the piece.

I see you. The way you truly give time to people and their writing. How you engage with a piece.

Anyway. It was a gift I relished finding this morning. Thank you.

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