Though I enjoy photography, I am not doing this for the sake of the craft, but rather, for myself and the relationships with the people in my life that have suffered because of my disillusionment, my lackluster existence.
Session One.
Jenn Treen

The greats all share this with you, you know.

They don’t do it to create the perfectly sharp pictures at f1.8 with that hottest lens.

Or to be featured in Shutter magazine.

They are driven by a drama, a pull, a schism or a scream.

They do it SURVIVE.

It’s create or drown.

You will be one of those greats if you keep going. If you shut down that stupid voice that belittles your work and covets shit you don’t want or really care about.

You will belong to a group that is creating something meaningful. First for them, and then for the many that they touch. Because… for every fucking one that breaks free like you are, there are ten thousand rocking in the corner, sobbing and doubting.

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