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What an ass. (That dude, not you!)

Yes. Assholes like him will say cruel things about you in real life, but just not to your face (generally).

They crave attention. It is CTSF in the other direction. They want us to cry, be hurt and to engage. They yearn for our friends to rise up so they can laugh and show their friends.

It is our ability to anthropomorphize another into something that isn’t like us, isn’t human, that allows for hate, bigotry, discrimination and hate crimes of every magnitude.

Here’s what I try to remember. But please note that most often I just fly off the handle at the bastards.

They are miserable. Their life sucks. They aren’t happy. They are surrounded by people like them. And so they are madly fighting every minute of the day to remain valued by their friends.

They don’t know true love or kindness. And anyone who does scares them.

All that said. Some people just do it as a lark. The anonymity of the Internet makes it easy. And some then feel guilty. But I expect they are the minority.


No idea where I’m going here.

But now that I’m done mansplaining it all to you…

Let’s kick his ass!!!

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