How is it not fair? I am not trying to hurt you.
H. Nemesis Nyx

“You can say you’re not a bystander because you’ve logic’ed your way out of saying anything here based on the actual fact that these people will not change their minds.”

This wasn’t fair.

It is not my position.

You’re usually not one to attempt to tell me what my position is.

That’s what I was calling out as not fair.

I hear your cry for support. I understand that you want to hear our voices when others are laughing at you.

And I think this is both understandable and totally legit to call for.

I don’t want to pile on this thread, I just wanted to raise that some of us can’t follow you there, per some other thread I can no longer find where you called out for us to do so. But we don’t mean it as a sign that we are giving up or are okay with what is being said by others in hate.