Your Passion vs. Your Idea

I may have written about this story in my personal blog, but it’s something that highly applies to this blog, & this element I’m a part of known as podcasting. There are those people who wake up and decide they wanna be a podcaster. However, they don’t see that there’s a process and literally a method to the madness. It’s this “fly by night” idea of working on a podcast, but not knowing that you have to be in the right environment, have the right obstacles uninvolved when starting your show, turning off phones, or get your bathroom breaks out of the way, other intangiables that play into doing a recording. I will admit that whenever someone comes to me with a podcast idea or thought, I’m willing to do everything I can to see them become successful in their skill or craft. The problem becomes what exactly are they gonna do after helping them get their supposed intangiables completed. I’ll give a perfect example. I don’t have a knock or concern with anyone talking about ratchet TV or “celebrity gossip”. The problem becomes trying to do a topic that you think may be worth doing, but is actually stale when the pieces are put into place. So I know I may sound biased, but I’ll use my podcast for example. Technology & sports are constantly changing. There are plenty of opinions and options of feedback that can be provided based on the stories or topics being discuessed. When it comes to music, there are ENDLESS stories that can be talked about. My point is..ratchet might be your target or your goal or something raunchy, but can we turn down the ghetto a little and find some cooth and class in our approach? I think those components seem to go out of the window when it comes to truly talking about the substance-based topics. Substance can challenge your longevity being a podcaster, blogger, gamer/streamer, designer, whatever it is you choose to do. I just feel like we sometimes forget this. I am kinda making my point, but based on me returning to my long-windedness, I’m missing the mark. I will say it like this…if you go into something with no idea or no plan, it will fall apart and crumble. When I first jumped into podcasting, I had a brief bit of a direction or an idea, but it was somewhat all over the place. In all honesty, that’s why none of those stories or podcasts are live. They’re hidden and in the closet for a reason. I was still trying to test the waters with podcasting. I wasn’t sure if I would even do it. I don’t think many people know this, but at the end of last year, I think my “passion” was literally just a motion of a movement. I felt burned out & I was pushing the podcast too heavily. Between typing out the stories of what happened, knowing nothing about speeding up listening of the podcast, among other tasks, I was just making the whole process a lot more challenging on myself.

If you think podcasting is your passion and you truly plan to give your heart and soul towards podcasting, then I will stand behind you 100%. Normally, I’d enter the 100 emoji…wait…💯…THERE IT IS…OK, that’s better. Anyways, if you are fully invested, then start grinding, put a plan in motion, and let the pieces fall where they may. Remember, I started with nothing & I’m still working and growing and learning with mine, so it takes time, patience, strength, & motivation. If you are thinking “it would be a good idea to do a podcast”, but don’t have the basic things (title, description of your show, your possible target audience, etc.), then it will truly expose itself on it’s own, & I think we sometime forget that. The idea has to be watered, maintained like a seed, & if there’s nothing behind your idea, then you’ll easily podfade without even trying. And I know that I sound pretty harsh in what I’m writing, but I want people who are reading this to truly learn that it’s possible to pdfade and oddly come back. That’s what happened to me at the end of last year. Then I mentally resurrected & put a plan in place as to what I wanted to do & literally did it, because I had to remember that no one was gonna do it for me but me. That’s where the accountability comes into play. So that’s what I’m gonna leave you with today. I hope this blog reaches my techies properly & you all understand that I’m not throwing shade, shots or pointing anyone out. I just want you to do something to the best of your ability, because I’d truly expect the same in return. If my podcast was not of worthwhile quality, then I’d want one of my listeners to call me out on my shit. Well, until next time, this is BT signing out. Take it easy

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