2 days, 49 supporters, 91,923 social reach and the most important number: 0. Thunderclap book launch campaign from a math guy’s perspective.

When 99 = 0.

So I’m a math guy, so you’d think I would have figured this out, but here’s what I’ve learned in the first 48 hours of a Thunderclap campaign (http://goo.gl/U4utw9) for our book launch next week (Dec. 17).

In about 48 hours, my (first) Thunderclap campaign has 49 supporters and it’s up to 91,923 people on social reach. Those numbers are huge compared to my own puny lists, so I’m completely thrilled (like little-kid-with-candy thrilled). But here’s the thing: I’m getting notes from people who say, “Oh, my FB/Twitter following isn’t so large, so it wouldn’t help you very much.”

Au contraire, mon frère!

It’s dawning on me (I said I was a math guy, not a fast logical thinker! :-)), that EVERY supporter still counts as 1 more closer to the 100. So even if you only have a handful of followers, it’s still going to help us get to 100 and THEN (and only then, do) we reap the reach of your followers and those with the big lists. But (and that’s a big but), if we don’t get to 100, we get 0.

So …

1 = 1 for supporters, big or small, each 1 is still only 1.
1 = many many many for social reach
99 = 0 if we don’t make it

There’s your math lesson for the day. If you’re up for helping out the Thunderclap campaign (http://goo.gl/U4utw9), we welcome you and however many followers you have with open arms.

I hope that’s helpful for those who are new to Thunderclap. For those who knew this and it’s all logical, I’ll just slap my own forehead for you and say, “Well, duh!” :-)

If you’d like to read more about how I wrote a book together with 2 9-year olds and 2 11-year olds, it’s here: “The Key to Markree Castle.”

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/gm8z8B_Z-vQ