Don’t be on time. Be early.

Add hours to your day and years to your life.

My mother-in-law starts preparing for her travel days in advance. She’s early, relaxed, and slow.

Most people I know are none of those three. We’re late, stressed, and rushed. In fact, one builds on the other and then the two help build the third.

Lie to yourself: say the meeting starts a half hour before it really does.

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is. Just be early for everything. Soccer game, work meeting, or dinner. It’s polite, it’s appreciated, it’s admirable.

But even for yourself: it’s one less stesser. There’s no anxiety about traffic or lines or, well, anything. Your only concern is what you’ll do when you get there and have a little extra time. Wait, my spell checker didn’t recognize that last bit: extra time.

Extra Time

Imagine. What would you do with it? Even 15 minutes? You arrive and your thing hasn’t started. I’d bet a latte that you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself.

Getting From A to C

Where’s B? We skipped B. B got dropped, deleted, removed. You now have loads of time to hang out with A for a while. Then you’re early for C. Imagine. I know, it’s hard, but try.

Forget late. On time is too hard to pinpoint. Let’s just be early.