The sun is warm, my tea is hot, and my keyboard is on fire. Bradley Charbonneau

I could get good at not having clients.

The sun is warm, my tea is hot, and my keyboard is on fire.

It’s 11:30 on Monday morning and I’ve been going strong since 8:30. I haven’t opened my email yet and … I’m giddy like when you allow yourself just one more delicious chapter of the book you can’t put down. You convince yourself that this will be the last one, then I’ll get to work!

But I am working. I’m just not working on client work. I’m working on my own product. It’s coming together nicely, I’m starting to see some traction, build some excitement—but the excitement is mostly my own. I’m gathering (and implementing) new ideas from partners, clients, even strangers. New ideas pop into my head when I go to sleep and I wake up and can’t wait to get them rolling. Then I wake up and roll.

I work faster. I work smarter. I work as if it were mine … oh, it is mine.

When $200 is more than $2,000.

This product might sell for $200. A new client would earn me $2,000. But the pleasure and pride I would get from the $200 is worth more than the $2,000. How is that? Because it’s mine, it’s for me. It’s not just about the math, it’s about the ownership. I want to see what happens, I want it to succeed, but I mostly want to see it born. Then I want to see it grow up.

Of course, it’s also about the math. I can only sell so many $2,000 projects. But I could sell an infinite number of $200 products. I know it’s simple Product Building 101, but this is different, I’m finally doing it. I’m not reading about it, I’m building it.

If I do a great job with my client, my “reward” is … another client. More work. If I do a great job on my product, the reward is potentially exponentially greater. That’s the fun math.

Giddy math.

Work in progress: WPU.