I’ve written for 1,873 days in a row. This is what happened.

On the very first day I was scared of taking that leap.

I was interviewed for a podcast last week (Author to Blogger). It’s chock full of pearls of motivation and buckets of inspiration. Here’s the full 32 minutes of love. Share, like, love, and keep creating!

Below are some highlights from the interview. Enjoy!

It’s easy. Just jump.

By Day 12, I was tired. Day 30 I was hopeful. Day 100 confident. Day 500 unstoppable. Day 1,000 a machine. Day 1,873 it’s just fun.

It’s been a transformation.

There’s a simple recipe, a formula, a prescription.

“For me, back in 2012, I was not a writer back then, I was a a wanna-be writer, I was a wish-I-was-a writer, I was a fake." — Bradley Charbonneau, author of “Every Single Day”

I was scared of the blank page, the critique, my own inner demons.

Listen to the podcast interview right here and now: Bradley Charbonneau on the “Blogger to Author” podcast.

Only brush the teeth you want to keep.

But then I did something crazy: I took a leap of faith.

That’s when it all started.

“For me, it’s to the point where it’s just like brushing my teeth. I don’t really consider it such a big deal anymore. In fact, that’s kind of the point of my book. My book is called “Every Single Day” and it’s about building habits and building habits into your daily life to the point where you don’t notice anymore. I’m talking about habits that before you started were difficult or scary or a pain or sounded impossible.”

Now it’s just normal. I’ve conquered it.

Banish fear.

About the book “Every Single Day”:

I didn’t have this book in mind. I was very Nike ad: Just Do It. I was just doing it. I didn’t have big plans, I didn’t have big strategies, I just knew I needed to write. Just like somebody trying to lose weight: I just know I need to exercise, I just need to healthier. I don’t know how I’m going to lose weight but I’m pretty sure that’s how I’m going to get there so let me just do that and hopefully I’ll get somewhere. And that’s what happened.

Why should you write? The question should be more: why shouldn’t you?

For your audience who’s thinking, ‘Why should I blog? Why should I write? Why should I write at all? Why should I write every day?’ Because then you are creating the foundation. Without that, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere. Later I can make it pretty. Later I can make it flow and I can fill in the blanks and delete that one.

Do you have Passion? You’re going to need at least a little to get started. Oh, you’re also going to have to actually get started.

But then there’s Passion. It could be knitting or cycling or exercise or studying or whatever. But you need the passion for it. If you don’t know what that is I think that you can learn. Do it for 30 days and after 30 days I can almost guarantee you that you’re going to say, “Wow, this is it, this is what I’ve been longing to do.” Or maybe it’s “Wow, this is a pain. I don’t know why I’d do this any longer.” Or maybe some vague spot in the middle. But you’re going to know and you’re not going to know if you don’t even get started.

There’s Procrastination, Perseverance, Patience, and Play. Whew. Lots of P words …

Another word for Patience might be Allow or Surrender. Back to the cycling, you’re close to the top of the hill. I’ve given it everything I’ve got. What more could I possibly do? And that’s when you allow or surrender. You’re not going to give up, but you’re going to give in. I’ve done everything I can. And that’s when you get to the magical section and that’s called Play.

Play is the fun part.

Play is when it becomes magical. I can say this from experience because that’s where I am now. I’m now in Play. Everything is fun. Everything is easy. Everything is simple. Everything comes together.

It’s not all fun and flowers. You have to give in, give up, and just get it done.

I’m going to say something that I wish I heard when I was starting out and that is: Just Get It Out There.