San Fran Sunny Valley … huh? How much does product quality matter?

If they’re going to buy it anyway, who cares?!

There were so many things “wrong” with the T-shirt that I couldn’t pass it up. In fact, I almost bought it just … to spite myself.

Maybe that’s the trick! That there’s a trick at all: it doesn’t matter why someone buys your product or class or book so long as they buy it! Right? Why not?

To clarify, if you’re not familiar with San Francisco, here’s the insider scoop.

  1. Don’t call it Frisco: “San Fran” is just as bad. Only tourists call the City by the Bay anything but San Francisco.
  2. Sunny: San Francisco is not sunny. Well, it has its moments, but foggy is actually a better weatherly adjective.
  3. Valley: sure, there are hills and, technically, in between hills there are valleys. In fact, some even have names (Noe, Cole, Hayes, etc.). But, well, no.
  4. Bay View: again, technically, there are views from the bay from San Fran (see point #1 … just seeing you’re paying attention). But hey, who knows, maybe this is a foreign investment strategy to beautify the Bay View. But for the moment, let’s just say that it’s not exactly a high point neighborhood on the tourist radar as far as hot spots. Well, it might be a hot spot, but a different kind of hot spot. Yeah, ahem.

So there you have it. I feel confident that I have just spent more time analyzing the subject matter than the entire marketing (or research and development?) team of this apparel company. Maybe they’ll reach out and hire me.

But back to the original question: who cares? Does the visitor at the Düsseldorf airport care about any of this? Highly doubtful. So my question remains, do we care what our customers think as long as they buy our product?

Hey, I almost bought it. Almost.