Stop waiting for life to start.

A dog doesn’t know what “tomorrow” means.

There’s an excellent Gary Larson scene where the woman says something like, “OK, Fido, first we’re going to get the dishes done, then we’re going to go on a walk, but tomorrow we’ll get you a yummy treat. So just be patient while I park the car.” But the dog only understands “Blah, Fido, blah blah blah walk, blah blah blah treat. Blah blah blah park blah.”

It doesn’t understand intention, it doesn’t care about trying, and it certainly couldn’t care less about what’s going to happen tomorrow. It’s now or … now. I’m not sure it even understands anything beyond now.

The sign at the hotel says that the elevator will be fixed tomorrow. The sign is the same every day. It never changes, tomorrow will never come. There is today and there is something that is not today that occurs when today is over. Then when that happens, that time is again today. Tomorrow is an illusion, a figment of our imaginations. Oh, but it’s so beautiful, so attractive, so appealing.

“I waited until just the right time and finally life started for me.” — Said no one ever.

I write this today because it’s easy to write about. I write this today because it’s hard to execute. I write this today because I struggle with it everyday. Every day that goes by that I don’t do what I’m waiting for is another day that it didn’t happen. Wait, that’s so passive. That I didn’t make it happen.

I write this today because someone dear to me is waiting for doctor’s results. Waiting to restart his life.

Restart life before someone else tells you how your life is going to be restarted. Restart your life before someone tells you to stop.