Brain feeling a little crowded?

Ticker Tape of Thoughts

Monkey brain? Visualize CNN.

When trying to meditate, monkeys swing from the branches. Constantly. They’re boisterous, rambunctious, and silly. “Would you guys just please shut up!” But they don’t. Sigh.

A neuropsychologist gave me a trick that has worked wonders. I was fighting the monkeys off with sticks, carrots, and lots of waving of arms. It would be successful for a matter of seconds, then they’d be back. Often louder, often laughing at me, and even more determined to keep me away from what I had in mind*.

*That’s a little meditation humor there.

He turned the monkeys into streams of information (which they really are, but for many people, they are monkeys). Then he neatly pushed them down to the bottom of the flatscreen of my mind and into orderly rows of flowing information. They go from right to left and when they go off the screen, they are gone. You don’t need to read them while they’re on the screen. You may ignore them (if you can) or just acknowledge them and let them move along. If you feel like you’re missing out on something, not to worry, they’ll be back.

Let it flow, let it go.

But down there, they shouldn’t bug you. Focus on the main event, the feature presentation. Those are just distractions down there, so treat them as such. Just let them flow. No need to flail arms, throw sticks or entice with carrots. They will simply flow off the screen in a matter of seconds.

Let them go, let them flow. Soon enough, they will just be background movement that you’ll barely notice. You don’t feel like you’re missing anything and if you really need to look, go ahead, then come back up and get back to what you were doing.