When you DARE to ASK

It might lead nowhere. It might lead somewhere.


But it won’t lead anywhere if you don’t dare to ask.

When you’re an aspiring audiobook narrator (me) and your book is reviewed by an experienced audiobook narrator (Ben).

“This book is a phenomenal little nugget to help push you in the right direction if you’re doubting your ability to follow — whatever your dream may be.”

But then there was this:

“Your book is great & I enjoyed it, but unless you’re able to fix x & y, I’m going to be forced to leave a lousy review.”

Ben wrote to me to tell me about some errors in my audiobook production (chapters repeated and/or out of place) and I thought, “That’s preposterous! My book has been out for 2 years and I’ve never heard such a thing!”

Sure enough, he was right.

It turns out, Benjamin Fife is the kind of guy who pays close attention to detail and then even has the heart to reach out to the author to let him know.

After several emails back and forth, talking with Findaway Voices about chapters and files, I found the errors and fixed them.

Turns out, Ben is an audiobook narrator. Turns out, I have a podcast for audiobooks (for authors).

He has since reviewed my book and we had a chat on the podcast.

See what happens when you DARE to ASK?

#authors #audiobooks #narrator


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