To be fair, I have absolutely no clue what the $86M figure includes
How I replicated an $86 million project in 57 lines of code
Tait Brown

I have no clue either. I also think a lot of money gets wasted by government, although mostly due to waterfall design by committee. But thinking aloud, one way to start is to try the Musk approach and work backwards from raw materials. To simplify calculation, if we assume average cost of employment to the contractor is $150/hr covering all overheads and there are 1840 hours a year, and for the moment ignore the costs of equipment, and data, and so on, then $86m employs 156 people for two years full time. So the question becomes, does it take that many people to build (and test, document, maintain, market, improve the UX for the operators, mechanical design of the mounting, etc) this kind of system that works reliably, under real word conditions, continuously? Now seeing some transparency in that area would be a welcome change …