How Aaron Judge is Proving Everyone Wrong

Aaron Judge has been one of the best players in the league thus far. He’s hitting .330 with 18 homers. Last year though, he struck out 42 times in 84 plate appearances. His OPS was .608 in 27 games, compared to a 1.106 OPS in 55 games.

He was called an “all-or-nothing guy.” He was also predicted to be the biggest Yankee bust in history. Now he’s AL Rookie of the Month.

Judge’s turnaround should be relieving for all fans. Young talent is the most exciting thing in any sport, and last year saw Yoan Moncada the #1 prospect in all of baseball struggle. Rookies, especially pitchers, struggle in their first stints.

Judge proves to not put too much, if any, stock into a small sample size. As Judge continues to tear up the MLB, fans of other teams should be confident in their prospect. While not every prospect will pan out, it’s reassuring to trust in talent, as more and more MLB teams are embracing a rebuild on the heels of the Cubs historic World Series run.