Call on Me

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is the one my grandmother referred to as Jesus’ phone number. “You want to know the answer? Dial Jeremiah 33:3.” I remember her saying. Of course, Jesus does not have a heavenly telephone, but we can call on Him anytime through the avenue of prayer.

Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3 (NKJV)

God tells the prophet, Jeremiah, to call on Him and assures him that He will answer. God does not have heavenly voice mail or call waiting, He always hears His children’s call, and He promises to answer. Even if ten-thousand people are talking to Him, He still listens and answers, as if you were the only person talking to Him. How can He do that? He’s God, and nothing is impossible to Him (Matthew 19:26).

At the time he penned this scripture, Jeremiah, was not popular. He had declared truth, given him by God that Judah was getting ready to spend seventy years in captivity. Not liking the prophet’s message, the people put Jeremiah in prison. It was in this time of hardship for Jeremiah that we learn four reflective things about prayer.

Before we talk about what we can learn, let me state that I’m convinced prayer is essential in our relationship with God. We cannot possibly be in a relationship unless we talk and listen to the other party, and they, in return, talk and listen to us. There are four principles, within this verse, that we can reflect on.

First, God told Jeremiah: Call on Me. God desires to hear from us. He desires to hear about our bad times and good times — even if all we do is thank and praise Him for His goodness, He wants to hear from us.

Second, God says He will answer. God always answers prayer; His answer often may not take the form we desire, but we have His promise, “I will answer you.” We might not always understand the reason for His answer, but, we can trust His answer is best (Romans 8:28).

Third, God promises to show us “great and mighty things.” We only see parts and pieces of the puzzle; however, God sees the BIG picture. How does that help us? We have God’s infinite understanding and wisdom from which to draw. God might not reveal everything to us at once, but over time, we can see His hand at every twist and turn — guiding us in the best direction possible. When we see His handiwork in hindsight, it’s much easier to trust His guidance in the future.

Fourth, not only does God promise to show us great and mighty things, He said they were great and mighty things “which you do not know.” No human can know the future unless God reveals it to them. The remarkable truth is this: when you face the unknown, and you ask God to guide you, He will direct your path and will reveal Himself to you and show you things beyond your wildest dreams; however, you must take the first step and call on Him through prayer.

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