Tillerson, In Scathing Resignation Letter, Quits Before Trump Can Fire Him
Allan Ishac

Wait a minute. How can you call a guy whose parents are from Scotland, a region with pure Anglo-Saxon blood and therefore smart people? That is unfair to people like Herman Cain and Allen West who think their ancestors came from Scotland and not from Nigeria. Well, we have to live with our President who was elected by Electoral College not majority of Americans. But I told our president never appoint CEOs in those positions. They are not used to be supervised. Just imagine how the following are behaving: Sessions, Perry, Dr. Carson and Kelly. Sessions is going around the Country telling us he is the President in 2020. These people are there for fun not to work for American people. Here is my last advice: dump all people you have appointed include Pence. Appoint only your relatives for you cannot fire them..