Reports Of Shoving Match Between Trump And Pence In Oval Office
Allan Ishac

We are told Trump is whining that “Being President Is “Too Hard” And That “People Are Really Meant To Him.” Well he wanted the job badly and we gave it to him. Trump whining reminds me of Sid in Get Smart. Trump should not leave the WH because we don’t want to end up with Pence who has IQ of 89. Pence is abortion hawk, hates women’s rights. In fact I have never seen Pence with Black people. Maybe he is related to Sterling, the former owners of Lakers. As I have counseled Trump; he should avoid partying with Republicans. These are sneaky people; will laugh with you, but behind the scene they will call you “this man”. Do you know Repubs and TPs have aborted any effort to repeal Obamacare? This is because Obamacare is already a civil right Act. Trump should now expand Obamacare. I have already suggested ways to decrease or eliminate premiums and deductibles. Trump should trust us Democrats-We are for the people while Repubs are for themselves.