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Steve Bannon is NOT a good guy and I’m greatly disturbed by his selection.

He is not, however, a white nationalist.

The absolute worst that can be said about him is that he made a comment about too many jews in a school twenty years ago (several orthodox jews were his employees and wrote in his paper for many years after that), and that he allowed his website to be aligned with a bunch of people (the alt-right) who are white nationalists. Even then, Breitbart wasn’t publishing white nationalist dogma, only looking the other way at allies who were. There is absolutely no proof that he himself is a white nationalist or thinks like a white nationalist.

What Steve Bannon is is petty and opportunistic.

I realize that pieces like this score quick political points and rile up the base. But if you don’t like it when repubicans say John Podesta is a satanist or that Huma Abadin is a terrorist — don’t jump to conclusions about people like this that cannot be supported with actual fact.

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