So You Want To Fight White Supremacy
Ijeoma Oluo

You lost me at “this country’s hatred of non-white folks.”

That’s when I stopped reading.
Hatred is a strong word.
This country elected a non-white president twice in the last decade. Many people were incised that we elected a black president (which is evil), but not everyone and not even a majority of those who voted against him did so because of the color of his skin. Had he been a white man espousing the same views he probably would have had less people voting for him.
On the Republican side, half of the field in the primary (Rubio, Cruz, Carson) could be considered “non-white.” 
Accusing most white americans of “hating” non-white folks is wrong and untenable. Even if you can prove some kind of unconscious bias, unconscious bias is not the same thing as hatred.

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