All out of prayers

Deciding what to pray about next

Awhile back, I heard of the power of prayer, and the grand importance of it, and was motivated to transform my prayer life. At first, and even perhaps for awhile, the prayer requests you hear of and your own problems and convictions keep your prayer life going.

But then your life starts to work out.

Or you feel as if you’re praying the same requests over and over.

Then what?

The one thing I’ve found that never fails is praying through the fruits of the Spirit. These are the fruits we know God produces when we follow Him. So what better thing to pray for?

Each fruit has its presence or absence in my life. Patience is there one day and gone the next, and love never comes easily.

Praying through those fruits is wonderful, because it allows me to see where I’m lacking and what I need to pray more about. It seems the Holy Spirit convicts me most when I’m praying about specific ways for the fruit of joy to be used, the fruit of peace, etc.

Now I’ve set up reminders on my iPhone. Every hour, a new fruit of the Spirit pops up for me to pray about. It keeps me focused on Godly actions all day long and keeps me communicating with God regularly.

Nothing is as meaningful as that.

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