The Problem with Speeding

A billion ways to justify driving faster than we really should

If you told me a year ago that today I’d believe I shouldn’t go over the speed limit, I’d think I was crazy. But the funny thing is that the Holy Spirit is stronger than my faulty reasoning. And thank goodness.

There are really a hundred “good” reasons I can think of that justify speeding.

  1. It’s unsafe to hold up traffic on a busy highway during rush hour.
  2. Everyone else is going at least five over.
  3. A cop wouldn’t ever pull me over for going that little over the speed limit.

I could go on forever.

But there’s a reason that should make a lot of sense to those of us who are truly saved.

1. The speed limit is a law that we need to keep, because God tells us to obey our authorities (Romans 13).

Is that enough reason to go completely counter-cultural?

I believe a couple things about these ideas.

The first is that God will protect us. He promised that we should not worry about the future. I think that if we obey the law, that’s what he’d want us to do. To speed to be safer on the roads seems like taking our safety into our hands, or like we’re claiming that doing things God’s way isn’t going to keep us safe enough.

The second is that obeying God is infinitely more important than doing what others consider “right.” There will come a time, if it isn’t already here, that many of us will look like fools for standing up for what we believe in. But I’d rather look like a fool in front of man than in front of God, whom I’ve chosen to serve.

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