The Death of a Thought
Nitin Dangwal

It’s very sad that apparently this is standard routine for many people.

I see that you clearly don’t like this behaviour of yours, so why don’t you fight against it? If you have work to be done just turn ‘do not disturb’ on, or completely turn your phone off. And if you maybe need it for your to-do list or anything else just deny its access to the internet.

I’m no perfect but the more I see people always on their phones the less I try to use mine. I’m not a heavy user of the socials anyway, and when I use my phone is usually just to take pictures or to check things up. I don’t like fb, I don’t use twitter anymore. I use Snapchat just sometimes to share stuff with my friends. I upload quite often on Instagram but I’m never sucked in its infinite flow of pics.

When I walk around and see 9/10 people with their faces down on the screens instead of just contemplate their surrounding makes me sad, and disappointed about humanity.

People don’t know how to be alone anymore, it’s like they’re afraid of doing nothing. They get to the bus stop and they take out their phones to check news they don’t care about or to look at photos of people they maybe don’t even know.

I take the bus everyday to go tu uni and I unlike my other fellow mates I’m one of only who reads a book instead of being on twitter of fb, that is. And I see how people use fb, or Instagram. They just scroll, so quick they can’t even see the photo or status, and just click like like like…

What is even the point of it? Are we really at the point whether a like matters more than the actual content? That is more important to look at a fake reality on a screen rather the the real life around you?

I love, and need, some time alone. I enjoy eating alone (when I say alone I don’t mean staring at a screen) and just be in company with my thoughts. How do people even think nowadays if their minds are always busy on their social medias?

I used to be a heavy user of my phone, on it all the time. Tried so many apps to improve my productivity and always on the wave to find a better one. Sucked in the marketing of buying new apps all the time. The result was literally the opposite of the one wanted. I was always checking new apps, reviews and videos about how to improve even more and I was just loosing time and money. One day I realised how stupid I was. How much money and time I was wasting. Did I really need a new todo app every week? Did I really need this or that? No, obviously not. Technology is here to help us, not to confuse us and rob us every week for a new stupid app that is the same as all the others we already have.

Now being less immersed in this world I work much better and I enjoy life, the real one, much more. I don’t care about how many likes I get, nor if my video has been seen or, more importantly, what people say on fb or share on tw. I don’t want to live with my face on a screen. I want to see the world through my eyes, not google images. I want to talk to people face to face, not on fb. We are humans, we are made to share experiences, but the direction this is going is absurd.

Let’s be more present and less social.

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