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Once upon a time there was a small little town called Muidem. It was very famous all over the land for its warm and welcoming inhabitants. However, some of them were not so nice. They tried everything to ruin the town, in any possible way, just for the sake of it. These blokes were renowned as the Sgub.

The king of Muidem, Smailliw, obviously cared very much about his people’s happiness so he always tried very hard to get the Sgub and punish them by exiling them out of the town. Unfortunately, because the king’s eyes couldn’t see very well, sometimes a few Sgub would get away with their terrible behaviours.

One day finally, Smailliw decided to arrange a meeting in town in order to create a group of volunteers who would go around looking for the Sgub. Because everyone wanted to get rid of them, many groups were made and dozens of people went around town all day, everyday, for over a week, looking for the Sgub. The town was quickly cleared of all the Sgub and, as a fresh new start it was renamed Muidem 2.0. Since then the inhabitants lived happily ever after.

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