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Couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times doughnuts, cakes and cookies have been dragged into the political kerfuffle that is this election cycle. As a general rule, pastry has begun to ignore these guys.

At first, it was shocking, especially cake… cake gets picked on a lot because of same-sex marriage arguments. Some bakers don’t want to make wedding cakes, decorate for #BlackLivesMatter and other issues. Then Donald Trump dragged Oreo cookies into the fight…. doughnuts are beyond desensitized to the fight as they have been involved since forever. They just have fun with it and let it roll… regardless of how passionate your point of view, doughnuts know you’ll be there in the morning.

Anyway, pastry is pretty amused sitting back and watching another snack food get caught up in the fray. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter all that much but those first 15 minutes sure burn white hot!

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