Born as a gardener always a gardener

These photos will always cherished me forever is helping my grandparents with gardening every summer. Knowing that my grandparents are old and not well at speaking English, which is hard for them to find jobs, working on a farm growing vegetables and growing flowers is helping my grandparents selling the items at markets to earn money.
It’s always a hot summer every year coming to the garden helps me realizes that I have a responsibly to help my grandparents so they won’t be so tired, and help them with caring heavy cucumbers into the trucks and also being there so they won’t feel lonely. Just knowing that money is hard to earn and also take time to make but knowing how much my grandparents work so hard and been gardening for many years now.
The photo also make me feel very thankful because knowing that my grandparents are old and still not giving up showing me as a person that in life it will be hard but you still have to keep going if you want your life goals to be worth it. This photo show alot relationship through the picture because of how connected my family is to my grandparents and also how wonderful they are when it comes to life facts and giving me life lessons.

I enjoy gardening because theirs people in the world that need food and I am helping them to have the food they need, mostly it’s not about making money it’s about caring for other people’s need. When we have some left over vegatable food we always share it to people that need food for their family’s, knowing how my family are kind and care about anyone that needs help, show me as a person that in life there’s a time that you have to care for someone and show love to them. Having my family’s around think about how my future will be and also how I am going to live my life.

Gargening is a hard job, there’s alot of patient and waiting and believing, as my grandparents say “ when do you something you always have to have a postuve energy so it can come true” as they speak to the plant of telling the plant to keep growing and becoming stronger, knowing that there will be a day where you believe which it will come true.

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