Young women appearances and insecurity

Young women have lack of confidence of how they look, like the newest trends to fit in, and how females think about theirs body images. Young females will always have a way of thinking they don’t have a good outfit, nice body or how they look everyday. Having self-esteem can lead to depressions and injuries, women care so much about social media, and how people care the way they look, that it’s not healthy.

Nowadays there a lot of beauty products that can throw your mind off, it can be very expensive, and limited products, people have insecurities of the way they look, using makeup products can make your face skinner and have big lips by using makeup to outline their lips, and contour to make your face have a cheekbone and skinner, people buying makeup to make them more beautiful, and actually have confidence about their self. personalty for myself, I have really bad acne scars when I was a young girl and now I still have few breaks out, and scars. It’s take a long time to heal, I wear makeup everyday to school, or whenever I walk out the front door, for myself I am insurance about my skin, because when people talk to me they started looking at my acne and buying makeup and covering my scars makes me feel more confidence about myself.

Another things that women has insecurities which are their body images, on social media’s their models that are skinny and has a great body like the victoria’s secret girls, there’s girls that want to be skinny and just look like them, there’s people that make fun of their looks and it cause trigger them that they are insecure about their looks because they were made fun. Knowing that it becomes a disorder like binge eating or not eating, because for myself I have a eating disorder, I starved because I get judged about my weight, and make fun, so knowing that i have a disorder affect me today because it’s all about how you look on social media.

Lastly it’s all about trends and fashions, there’s a lot of fashions that are bringing the 80s like the chokers and big windbreakers sweaters, girls feel like if they’re not in the trends or fashion, other people is going to judge them and also not like them. Girls spend a lot of money on clothes because of how much they want to be in the trends and think it’s going to be good for them. It’s all about how you want to be confidents in your clothes and also feel proud that you should have some sort of things to match with each other, and also knowing your own styles and having a sense of styles, can express your feelings and make you feel more proud of your outfits and how you look towards your outfits.

Towards women’s will always have insecurity about their self, because there’s some perfect things they like about there self but at the same time there’s not, also knowing that there will be hard things to deal with everything and also trying to fit in with news trends and also makeup products, knowing how women express their feelings and also how much it affected them everyday will always impact them forever.

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