Dilbert gets it.

This post is cross-posted from the Bitwave blog.

For the last few years, I have been a blockchain skeptic. Well, that’s not entirely fair — I should say, I think cryptocurrencies and tokens are the killer app for blockchains, and we’re still looking around for that second great use case.

My skepticism came down to my computer science training — public permissionless blockchains with some form of consensus based proof (proof of work, proof of stake, etc) are designed to address a serious computer science problem called the Byzantine Generals Problems. The problem essentially asks how do you trust a…

Sling TV Pixelated and Buffering

I’d like to think I’m one of those cord cutters the media keeps talking about. Of course, Comcast is the only high speed internet in my building, so it almost feels silly to say the cord is cut, but I’m doing my best.

Part of that is lots of streaming services. I pay for both Hulu and Netflix, and on occasion will rent a movie from Xbox. However, come football season, I’m suddenly desperately missing live TV. For the past couple of years, I’ve bitten the bullet and paid for NFL streaming. …

Dear Niantic,

I get it, guys. I really do. You built this perfect, wonderful game, a vision for the future of AR, and some pricks came along and ruined it. Sort of. I mean, there’s no REAL multiplayer component, so it’s not like someone is out there killing noobs for sport, and it’s mainly a game of exploring the world around you, so one could argue that when you make it harder to find reasons to explore, YOU are in fact killing the game. But, I get it, this isn’t what you designed.

For the uninitiated (or possibly uninterested) Niantic…

Patrick White

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