Found a tenner on the street the other day

There’s no such thing as luck.

And you know what, that’s just dandy, too. Given that, if there were such a thing, it would probably eliminate the possibility of us having free will... I think it’d be a shitty price to pay, if you ask me.

The existence of luck would mean we’re either very special or utterly pointless. And the former is statistically far less likely.

Think about it: In order for you to randomly find a 10-Dollar bill lying on the ground on your way home, a million things need to happen in just the right way, in just the right places, at just the right moment. It’s not just you looking down in front of your feet right where the thing happens to be laying. It’s the wind blowing the bill right onto that very spot just before you look down, after some guy pulled it out of his wallet from the back of his pants, not noticing how the bill fell out, after he stuffed it into that very pocket in just the right way for it to stick to the wallet’s outside leather wall, after he received the crumpled bill as change by a grocery store clerk who just happens to have received it from an elderly lady a moment earlier who only used the bill to pay for her own groceries because she often has problems picking out the right amount of loose coins in her purse… and so on… etc etc… right back to the big bang.

If you pick the bill up and think to yourself that this incredible, never-ending, universe-encompassing chain of events has somehow come together in this way just to brighten the day of little ol’ you… my friend, that is a notion nothing short of megalomaniac.

But what if it did? What if something or someone, or the universe itself, somehow orchestrated all these events in order to make you 10 dollars richer, or perhaps to make you appreciate the good things in life a little more, or just to counter-act your morning grumpiness that day… what does that say about how the universe works? If there is indeed an entity, a will of some kind, that has the power to do this, and which has this kind of vested interest in you, your megalomania is either justified (you’re special) or you’re just doing whatever it is that you are expected to do because you, too, are part of this orchestration. A programmed cog in the machinery of the universe. In this case, you’d not be special at all. In fact, you’d be about as special as a worker ant on an anthill the size of Mount Everest.

That being said. It sure makes us happy to find a tenner on the street… doesn’t it? Let’s just call luck a beautiful illusion and conveniently neglect to think about it any further, shall we?!