An Update on ES6 Modules in Node.js
James M Snell

Thanks for the update, it’s interesting to see what deliberations are made on this over time.

I’m wondering, though: It seems like a prohibitive amount of effort just to try and get something close to the initial modules spec… eventually.

It would be useful to know what the huuuge advantages of that spec are, that make all that effort worth it (as opposed to just wrapping the CommonJS mechanism into modules syntax, as Babel does).

By the time the new modules come around, they will definitely feel like a major step backwards, and not like an achievement at all. People will have written ES6 syntax with Babel for several years, it’s already essentially ‘normal’ not to have to worry about cjs or es6 modules when importing either of them.

Most developers won’t care much that the underlying mechanism is different if the syntax is identical — only that, once the new spec is adopted, suddenly we’ll have to watch out for caveats again where previously we didn’t have to.

So my question is: What do we stand to gain from all this? Is it really still worth it?